I have applied for the insurance. When will I get the ID card?

Nearly 1 week to 10 Days.

  1. In case of individual policies:
    A copy of his policy with Photographs of the beneficiary (2 photos of each beneficiary) will come to GHPL through the insurance company. GHPL will collect all the documents from the Insurance Company every Day.
  2. In case of corporate policies, The HR or the IR Department will collect 2 Photos of all members along with family members details like Date of Birth, Age & Coverage and arrange to send it to GHPL

What is the procedure to be followed in case ID contains some wrong entries about the member?

Intimate GHPL about the wrong entry providing the correct details so that new ID card can be made and dispatched to you.

What should I do if I loose my ID card?

Inform GHPL immediately to enable us to block the old card and issue you a new card (enclose 2 Photographs with details)

Can I use this card for cashless facility at Non-Network Hospital?

No, the card entitles you for cashless treatment only at SMH. At Non-SMH, you have to pay for the treatment and apply for reimbursement.